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5 Best Coffee Makers for Vacation Rentals

5 Best Coffee Makers for Vacation Rentals

If you are a vacation rental owner, you want only the best amenities for your guests to make them feel right at home. This also often means providing them with the best coffee maker to make their favorite cup of Joe.

And when your vacation rental is in Hawaii, a great coffee maker is an invitation to test multiple Hawaii-grown coffee varieties and make memories to last.

So, if you own a vacation rental and are looking to get a best coffee maker for it, you might want to consider the following.

Secura French Press Coffee Maker

I decided to add this to the top of the list after I had written the article, so technically it counts as the 6th. But I put it first here, because a French press might be the absolute best coffee maker for the types of coffee grown in Hawaii. It’s inexpensive, sturdy and versatile. Not all your renters will know how to use a French press not might they care to spend extra few minutes on the brewing process. If you care to properly brew and taste local beans, you can just buy this French press for yourself to use when you stay in your vacation rental. Since you will need another container to pour the brewed coffee, I recommend the Thermal Coffee Carafe by PYKAL, which will keep your coffee hot for a very long time. You can even take it to the beach with you or prepare a tea in it for a change.

1. Hamilton Beach 48464 BrewStation Coffee Maker

If you are more of the budget-conscious vacation rental owner, the Hamilton Beach BrewStation is for you. The machine can make 12 cups of amazing brewed coffee stored and kept warm in a chamber. It provides an excellent combination of amazing drip coffee taste and the convenience of a K-cup pod.

The BrewStation offers reliable programming that your guests will find useful, including four choices of coffee styles. Cleaning and maintaining it is also hassle-free as there are no carafe to worry you.

2. Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer

I always find single serve coffee makers compact and sexy. It has a self-cleaning function and a sleek body that guarantees effortless maintenance. The resevoir is marked for 6 oz to 14 oz, allowing to easily satisfy your taste.

Your guests will also love its dual coffee-making capabilities. They can use a K-cup pod or coffee grounds. It is rare to see such versatility in a coffee maker with this price tag.

3. Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker

With a 46-ounce water reservoir, I think the K-Slim is perfect for medium-sized vacation rentals. Large families will have their perfect cup with a simple button press. The coffee-maker does not take up too much space, so your guests can still use your countertop for other things.

They can also make three sizes of coffee to satisfy their individual cravings. It can also accommodate a travel mug, allowing your guests to bring their coffee to their city adventures.

4. Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker

The SS-10P1 has a sleek and modern styling that should complement your vacation rental’s modern aesthetics. The large and bright LCD screen should give your guests all the information they need to make amazing coffee.

Your guests can use their favorite K-up pod flavors, getting their cup ready in minutes. They can also use their favorite coffee grounds if they like. With the machine’s 72-ounce water reservoir, guests will have an overflowing coffee from sun up to sundown.

5. Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

If money is not an issue, I recommend the K-Elite. It is one of Keurig’s bestsellers, capable of making delicious iced coffees in a flash. Your guests can also control their coffee size and strength.

I also know that vacation rental guests love to chow down on cup noodles and instant soups. The K-Elite also has a hot water function to address such a need. The descaling function makes it super-easy to clean the coffee maker.

Tips to Buying the Perfect Coffee Maker for Your Vacation Rental

Pick a Coffee Maker that is Proportionate to Your Vacation Rental Size

The coffee maker’s size should always be proportionate to the size of your vacation rental. You may also want to look at the countertop space. A single-serve coffee maker is sufficient for a studio or one-bedroom. If your property is larger, you might want to invest in a larger machine.

Do Your Guests Prefer Convenience Over a Delicious Brew?

One thing I learned about most travelers is that they love the convenience of K-cup pods. Some of them have several packs of their favorite K-pods in their backpacks. It makes it more convenient for them to enjoy their preferred cup wherever they go.

If most of your guests use K-cup pods, it would be wise to buy a single-serve coffee maker. You might also want to add a small tray of your K-cup pod selection. It is a value-added feature that many of my guests find extraordinary.

Some guests still prefer a more traditional drip-brewed coffee. They often bring a jar or a bag of their preferred coffee grounds. If most of your guests are like this, you might want a drip brew coffee machine.

The good news is that you can have both. Some coffee makers can accommodate a K-cup pod for those who want a single-serve coffee of their choice. The same machine also has a coffee grounds chamber that allows guests to make barista-quality espresso.

How about Iced Coffee?

I noticed an increasing number of guests who prefer iced coffee ever since I started with my vacation rental business.

If you noticed this trend, too, I suggest getting a coffee machine that has a dedicated iced coffee function. It works like an ordinary single-serve coffee maker. The difference is that there is a separate chamber for making this coffee style.

Check the Ease of Operation and Maintenance

Not all guests are familiar with high-tech coffee machines. A few of them may not even know how to operate one. That is why I always pick a machine that has a very simple user interface. You may be tempted to buy a machine that has multiple programs. I tell you now, don’t.

Our guests only need straightforward coffee. Suppose they can adjust their brew’s strength, fine. Choose their coffee size? No problem, too. In short, choose a machine that is easy enough to operate even by a child.

That is also true with maintenance. You will want the machine to have a self-cleaning feature. It helps make cleaning more efficient before your next guest arrives.

Consider Your Budget

Coffee makers for vacation rentals can cost you as low as $50 to as high as $300. Commercial-grade super-automatic coffee machines can even cost several thousand dollars. Pick one that will not hurt your budget. We all want our vacation rental guests to feel right at home. Giving them the chance to make amazing coffee is one way to make them comfortable. You want to choose the best coffee maker for your vacation rental business.

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