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About Us

HomeyHawaii is a Hawaii vacation rental listing and online booking management website designed and built for owners and by owners. Our goal is to provide a listing service, alternative to AirBnB, VRBO, HomeAway and other large listing channels.

The vacation rental by owner marketplace has dramatically changed in the past few years with the appearance of large payers. These companies encourage automatic bookings, and discourage the contacts between prospective guests and vacation property owners. We believe that each vacation rental property is unique and that the booking process must happen between the vacation property owner and the traveler in a more personal way than when renting a hotel room. HomeyHawaii is an alternative to VRBO and HomeAway, as well as to AirBnB, for listing Hawaii vacation rentals.

HomeyHawaii is home for Hawaii vacation rentals that are truly for rent by owner.

Our goals:

1. Provide a great vacation experience for guests and a great listing experience for vacation rental owners in Hawaii.

The experience starts with the first contact. HomeyHawaii helps owners to present their vacation rental property in an attractive way with all possible details on rates and policies. It helps guests to easily find the best vacation home for their needs.

The experience continues with the booking process. HomeyHawaii has a very flexible booking management system. Owners themselves choose what information to keep in the system. They can fully utilize the events and reminders functionality to define their own booking process and keep track of all tasks, or they can simply import their outside availability calendar and do their booking management elsewhere. HomeyHawaii supports iCal synchronization protocol, and can synchronize calendars that support iCal - all of such calendars.

The guests have arrived! If the listing was up to date, if the property is as described, the guests are delighted and it is a great start of their Hawaii vacation. If there are any complications during the stay, it helps to have a signed vacation rental agreement. HomeyHawaii provides a sample vacation rental agreement that owners can customize and use with every booking.

2. Build more traffic, achieve higher occupancy rate for listings.

We have recently conducted a series of interviews with vacation rental guests asking them where they prefer to book and why. The majority answered that they like to book on VRBO/HomeAway, and one of the top reasons named was the fact that those websites have larger number of properties to choose from. It's time for all of you to get on board! The more listings we have, the more traffic we can build, the higher occupancy rate we can achieve for every property! HomeyHawaii is not just another place to list. We are working to position ourselves as the ultimate for rent by owner website in Hawaii vacation rental market.

3. Help owners handle tedious and meticulous booking management tasks in the most efficient manner.

If you like to be in control of your booking processes, appreciate the power of a system that is set up once and works forever, if you like to save time on tedious tasks and to stay organized, avoiding errors like double-booking or missed cleanings, you will appreciate the power and ease of use of our fast and intelligent booking management system. HomeyHawaii is dedicated to its constant improvement, to making it reliable, efficient and convenient.

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How much it costs

The service is free for now. We are diligently building a service for travelers to find their ideal condos and for owners to showcase and rent their properties with ease. When the traffic builds up and the owners receive constant stream of inquiries, then we can talk about a service fee. It will be based on your feedback and satisfaction with the service as well as on our statistics. We believe that the pricing is a function of value for customers, and we'd like to make all our customers happy!

How To Join

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Contact Us

Whether you are an owner or a guest, we always welcome your comments about our website and services. Tell us what you like or don't like, suggest what can be improved or added to the site. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Email: webmaster@homeyhawaii.com
Phone: 1-650-799-1389 Pacific time 9 am - 9 pm

With rental inquiries and information requests about a specific vacation rental listing please contact the owner of that listing by using "Make Inquiry" link on the listing page.

Mahalo for your support!
HomeyHawaii Team