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About Us

Homey Hawaii is a vacation rental listing directory, specializing in Hawaii vacation rentals. Our goal is to help travelers find the best vacation rental property in Hawaii that suits their needs, by facilitating open communication and eliminating extra fees.

We offer the same condos and homes that can be found on portals such as Airbnb, Vrbo, TripAdvisor, etc., but we don't charge travelers any service fees. This can save 9% or more of accommodation costs, which allows for a freer budget when it comes to entertainment and food expenses.


  • We verify the ownership of every vacation rental listed on our website.
    Before letting any listing go live, we verify the posted Hawaii Tax License and the owner name(s) on hawaii.gov website, and we connect with the listing owners through the phone and email. All Homey Hawaii listings are legal vacation rentals. Read more on the verification process.
  • We don't charge travelers any booking or service fees.
    This saves you 9% and more of the total cost of the vacation rental, compared to booking the same property on Vrbo, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, etc.
  • We support travelers.
    We often receive questions from travelers. Whether it's information about Hawaii or assistance with the website, we reply to every email and do our best to help.
  • We bring you the best in browse and search technology.
    We organize our listings according to Hawaii well-recognized divisions in geographical areas, towns, and resorts - so it's very easy to browse. Listings can also be search by dates, and we even have a unique ability to find a certain number of available nights within a larger period. For example, you can find all 1-bedrooms available for at least 7 nights in November.
  • We have side-by-side calendars for multiple condos.
    We call them Group calendars. Travelers looking to book multiple properties for a reunion, or folks with flexible travel dates appreciate the power to view availability in multiple properties at a glance. Group calendars are displayed on the Featured Resorts page as well as on the View All My Listings page for owners with multiple listings.
  • We know Hawaii vacation rental licensing and tax regulations.
    Our instant quotes are very accurate and well-explained and we make timely updates in case of any tax changes.
  • We help homeowners and property managers keep their listings updated and ensure timely responses to their inquiries.
    Our system automatically checks for any missed rates or empty calendars, and we work with owners to keep all of our listings up to date. The system also follows up on all inquiries, and we help travelers get a reply from owners/managers in case they missed the initial inquiry.
  • We support open information exchange.
    Each listing contains a link to the owner's website and phone number, if they so desire. After a traveler submits an initial inquiry through the form on a Homey Hawaii listing, the owner/manager of the property receives an email with that inquiry and deals directly with the traveler. We encourage travelers to receive all the information before booking, and we facilitate this by means of our well-designed and informational listings.


Homey Hawaii is the brainchild of a family of software engineers who first traveled to Maui in 1996 and fell in love with the island. In 2002, we bought two condos in Kihei, and have successfully advertised the condos and managed our bookings since then.

We built our own booking management system at a time when there wasn't anything similar available for individual owners. A few years ago, we decided to increase the number of our direct bookings and converted our smaller Maui-specific website to Homey Hawaii.

Having personally owned and managed our two vacation condos in Maui for 20 years with over a 95% occupancy rate, we know both the travelers' and owners' needs well. We have developed Homey Hawaii to make the search and booking process efficient and enjoyable on both sides of the equation.

Homey Hawaii team
Igor and Elena Kounitski, owners of Menehune Shores 627 and The Palms at Wailea 2204