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Verified Owner Badge: How We Perform Owner Verification

Verified Owner Badge: How We Perform Owner Verification

HomeyHawaii listing owners can be one of the following, which it is stated clearly in each listing:
– Homeowner
– Friends and Family Manager
– Management Company

Each owner that lists property/ies on HomeyHawaii.com, can choose to undergo our easy owner verification process and to receive the Verified Owner badge on all of his/her listings. HomeyHawaii introduced the owner verification to provide travelers with better level of confidence and reassurance to book from our website. This process can also benefit the owners as it may increase the trust to their listings and may make it more likely to receive inquiries and to convert them into bookings.

While VRBO and HomeAway offer to travelers Book with Confidence Guarantee, it only applies to bookings made through their checkout system. Travelers pay additional service fees when booking through HomeAway’s system, but what exactly are they paying for and is it worth it? One can refer to HomeAway’s Terms and Conditions of Book With Confidence Guarantee to see what is actually covered monetarily and what the restrictions and limitations are.

HomeyHawaii offers an alternative solution. We believe that it’s more effective to prevent the fraud than to remedy it after the fact. HomeyHawaii listing owners can chose an easy and inexpensive way to get verified as an owner or manager of a legal vacation rental property, as listed with HomeyHawaii at the time of the verification.

The Steps of the Verification Process:

  1. We search Hawaii public tax records by the name of the owner as registered on HomeyHawaii website, and we find which properties belong to this owner as well as the owner’s address.
  2. We verify that the Hawaii tax ID is present in the listing(s) and matches the public tax records.
    Search all Hawaii tax licenses
  3. We verify that the owner’s email is correct and can receive inquiries by emailing the owner.
  4. We verify that the owner’s phone in the listing is correct by calling the owner.
  5. This is the only step for the listing owner to do. We verify the listing owner’s actual address by asking him/her to send us a latest electrical or phone bill that would match both the name and the address of the owner from step 1.

How Much It Costs:

Owner verification costs only $25 and doesn’t depend on the number of listings. If more lstings are added in the future, the process will have to be repeated.

Verified Owner Badge

After an owner gets verified, all his/her listings (as of the time of verification) receive the Verified Owner badge. A smaller version of the badge is displayed on featured photos (at the top right corner) everywhere, excet the listing page. On the listing page, the larger version of the Verified Owner badge is displayed.

Disclaimer: While HomeyHawaii attempts to increase safety of the booking process and to prevent frauds as much as possible, it does not assume any form of liability or responsibility associated with the Verified Owner badge. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions before using the website.

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