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Vegan Oahu: A Guide to Vegan Food Options in Honolulu and Beyond

Vegan Oahu: A Guide to Vegan Food Options in Honolulu and Beyond

One of the biggest reasons I ventured out to Oahu was for the exposure of vegan eats outside of where I’m from (I am a Vegas local). Why not venture out to the healthiest state in America? Here are the top vegan spots on Oahu to check out when you’ve got a hankering for a delicious and nutritious meal. Listed below are the restaurants that serve a full-vegan menu. At the bottom of this article you will find the Vegan Oahu Map with all of the mentioned vegan restaurants, cafes and farms.

Ai Love Nalo

Located on the country side of the island, Ai Love Nalo is unique for having the most authentic, freshest ingredients put together for each plate lunch.

Vegan haven of freshness, colors and tastes!

The “Oh WOW Lau Lau” plate, vegan alternative to the Hawaiian style Pork Lau Lau, will knock you off your feet. They also serve kalo, tofu poke, and poi-fect parfait. The Medi Bowl is the one that stole my heart, also a top seller from their menu. Have at it with a refreshing smoothie, like Mint to Be. Dine inside or outside their “Garden of Eatin”. Better yet, enjoy your meal to-go; it’s just a couple steps from Waimanalo Beach. This is the vegan Oahu restaurant I would return to every time I’m on the island. It’s a few steps away from the beach and a couple blocks away from the Waimanalo farm.

Vegan Hills

In the heart of Honolulu, Vegan Hills is a go-to place for breakfast and brunch. Pancakes are my favorite breakfast food. I binged out on the original styled Buttermilk Pancakes. Their Mexican Breakfast, featuring chili beans, avocado, sour cream, tofu scramble, greens and brown rice is a popular item from the breakfast menu.

Vegan Hills Restaurant: Mexican Breakfast plate

The Beet Box Cafe

Coming upon the entrance of Haleiwa town, the Beet Box Cafe has a zen style to their menu. From juices to acai bowls, they even serve tacos and burritos with a vegan twist. After a cruise through pipeline and sunset beach, the Beet Box Cafe is a desired choice when I’m in North Shore.

A couple of other vegan hot spots to visit: Peace Cafe, Loving Hut, and the Lovin’ Oven which are located in Honolulu.


This was the grocery store I went to frequently during my visit. It’s one of the best health food stores on the island. I wasn’t fond of the idea of dining-in at a vegan spot for every course of my meals. I stocked up with a week’s worth of produce, frozen foods, ready-to-eat foods, and snacks. They’ve also got a deli that serves an amazing black bean burger. So ono.


Banan turns locally grown bananas into soft serve. They also turn fruits like acai, lilikoi, and guava into soft serve as well. Their menu is dairy free. You can enjoy their signature bowls or customize your own. I customize my own bowl with half acai and half banana base, topped-off with coconut shavings, quinoa puffs, sliced bananas, macnella, and honey.

Acai bowls

An acai bowl is a smoothie bowl with a base of acai, strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. It’s topped-off with fresh strawberries, blueberries, bananas, coconut shreds, and honey. The buzz on acai bowls grew here. Hawaii in general, is known to have the best variety of acai bowls, ever. A few hot spots to get your bowl fix are: Da Cove, Banzai Bowls, Haleiwa Bowls, Lanikai Juice, 808 Urban Bowls, and my personal favorite, Shaka Bowls. Shaka Bowls serves acai and poke bowls in a food truck. They announce their pop-ups through social media. My bowl of choice is an Island bowl with pitaya sorbet. The base is Brazilian style, with just acai and coconut water. Their fresh strawberries on top are always sweet.

Vegan Oahu Food Chices: Acai Bowls

Local Farms

One of the experiences that moved me the most is the earthful atmosphere. The energy on the islands bring a laid back lifestyle. The green mountain peaks and blue waves bring an organic tone. Hawaii is considered the healthiest state in the nation. Because of their tropical environment and rich soil, farms are located all around the islands. Many people live off the land. You have access to fresh produce and farm products on the sides of the road, locations such as Kahuku Farms and Waimanalo Farms. Talk about country life.

And of course, you’ve gotta get your pineapple fix from Dole Plantation. The fresh pineapples are large, sweet, and juicy. Bring a case of pineapples back home – Hawaiian airlines allows a case through check-on luggage for free.

There are tons of vegan and vegetarian friendly food spots located throughout the island. Whether it’d be dining in the city, eating by the beach, or grabbing fruits for snack at a farmstand, healthy vegan Oahu options are available at every corner. Happy healthy eating! Aloha.

Vegan Oahu Map

2 thoughts on “Vegan Oahu: A Guide to Vegan Food Options in Honolulu and Beyond

  1. Greetings, if I may add to your list a vegan Italian pizzeria known as The Lovin Oven located in Kailua. We serve not only vegan pizza but salads, Garlic bread, specials like vegan fetuccine, vegan lasagna and vegan Tiramisu.
    Thank You !

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