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Hawaii Five-0 Facts

Hawaii Five-0 Facts

Popular televisions show Hawaii Five-0 isn’t just hugely entertaining because of its compelling storylines and nail-biting action, but also because of the fascinating facts it comes armed with. The nine-seasons-strong CBS action-fuelled drama has, after all, been running since 2010, but it’s also based on the original 1968 show. So whether you’re a diehard fan of Hawaii Five-0, or you’re yet to learn through a binge-watch just how much of an earworm that classic theme tune really is, here are ten awesome Hawaii Five-0 facts.

Hawaii Five-0 Canceled in April 2020

Unfortunately, after 10 successful seasons Hawaii Five-0 had to come to a close, because of the star Alex O’Loughlin’s long-standing back problems. The final episode aired on April 4, 2020.

Why do they call it Hawaii Five-0?

Fan or not, you’ll likely still be confused as to whether the title includes a “0” or an “O”. Well, you are not alone. To save you a headache, the original 1970s show is known as Hawaii Five-“O”, and the new version Hawaii Five-“0”. The reason for this is to differentiate the two shows, but whether it’s an “O” or “0”, they’re both pronounced in the same way – “oh”. With all that said, this might better qualify under Hawaii Five-0 “riddles” than Hawaii Five-0 facts!

What does the “Five-0” stand for in Hawaii Five-0?

As you’ve probably heard in the movies, “Five-0” is a slang-term for the police, much like “Po-Po” (although Hawaii Po-Po doesn’t quite have the same ring to it). In both shows, “Five-0” – or “Five-O” – is the name of the police unit. But in season 1’s “Malama Ka Aina” (of the new show), the team inherits its name from the number on McGarrett’s high school football shirt – which is definitely a zero. Right..?

Hawaii Five-0 voting

During the season 4 run, the producers decided to put together a “fan-made” episode, so a poll was set up and the audience was allowed to vote for certain elements of the episode. This included the crime, victim, murder weapon, suspect and take down (there were of course limits, so don’t expect to see gun-toting dinosaurs). Once shooting started, voting extended to the cast’s wardrobe, music and the episode title! Consequently, the episode was called “Ho’i Hou”.

Hawaii Five-0 alternate ending

The fan-made episode wasn’t the first to shake up the show’s formula, though, nor was it the first time the producers allowed the audience to dictate an element of the show. In season 3’s “Kapu”, there were two endings, one for the Eastern and Central Time Zones and another for the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones. Viewers were given the opportunity to vote for an ending of their choice, and the most popular became part of each broadcast!

Famous guest stars on Hawaii Five-0

The show has seen a barrage of cameos in its time, and you’ll certainly recognize many faces in that long line-up. For starters, there’s Brian Tee, who made an appearance in Jurassic World (2015), which was also filmed in Hawaii. And there are more than a few familiar faces from cult classic TV Series Lost, too – which, again, was filmed in Hawaii. You’ll also recognize Hawaii Five-0’s Chin, played by Daniel Dae Kim, as a main Lost character himself!

Hawaii Five-0 crossovers

Hawaii Five-0 might share some of its actors with TV Series Lost, but it actually occupies the same fictional “universe” as the NCIS shows, JAG, Scorpion, MacGyver and the upcoming Magnum P.I. reboot. Check out crossover episodes “Ka Hakaka Maika’i” and “Pa Make Loa”, which feature characters from NCIS: Los Angeles. There’s no apparent connection to Baywatch, though, but the gung-ho lifeguard crew would hardly be out of place on Hawaii Five-0. It’s also fair to say that this extends way beyond just Hawaii Five-0 facts.

Who is Kono Kalakaua?

While on the subject of other shows, did you know that Grace Park’s Kono Kalakaua is based on the original Hawaii Five-O’s character of the same name, and who was male? This isn’t the first time she’s played a once-male character reimagined as a female, either. In the massively-popular TV show Battlestar Galactica (2004 – 2009) – also a reboot of a 1970s show – she plays Sharon Valeri, who was originally played by Herb Jefferson.

What is Hawaii Five-0 Sunset on the Beach?

Waikiki Beach is as enormously popular offset as it is onset. For the show’s very first beach-based red carpet premiere back in 2010, over 10,000 people attended! Sunset on the Beach is now an annual event and has been since, and is where the cast are present for meets and greets with fans. Remember, though, ladies – McGarrett is a fictional character, and he certainly won’t accept any marriage proposals.

Where is Jack Lord?

In the original Hawaii Five-O, Jack Lord played the character of heartthrob Steve McGarrett. The late actor has since been immortalized in pop culture through the infamy of the show, but he’s also been immortalized through his very own statue! His bronze bust can be found outside the entrance to Macy at Kahala Mall on Waialae Avenue in Honolulu. The mall was one of the late actor’s regular spots, so make it one of yours, too, along with many other Hawaii Five-0 filming locations.

Hawaii Five-0 Jack Lord cameo

Recreating late actors with CGI is becoming the norm in movies, but not so much in television. But that didn’t stop the producers of Hawaii Five-0 from doing just that with Jack Lord in the season 7 premiere “Makaukau ‘oe e Pa’ani?”, in which both McGarretts are briefly united in a church.

While many have since criticized the effects as “creepy” and “poor” (it is a little unnerving), there’s no denying that it’s a clever tribute to the original show, and perhaps one of the most fascinating Hawaii Five-0 facts.

As you now know, you don’t need to be a detective to uncover the secrets of a show like Hawaii Five-0 (although it’s understandable if, before reading these Hawaii Five-0 facts, you’ve been painstakingly trying to decipher the long-standing enigma that is the title). And as these details are spoiler-free, you can now enjoy one of television’s most outlandish shows to your heart’s content.

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