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Flexible Date Search

Flexible Date Search

Many people start searching for accommodations prior to buying flights. They want to know different options and pricing on them. In a busy season, people often need to find any few days available to rent. The following are real requests we received in the past:

  • Please let me know if you have any availability for 7/8 days anytime in the first 2 weeks of January.
  • Looking for accommodations for three adults for arrival any time between Feb 16 and Feb 24 and check out March 3rd or 4th.
  • I double booked my condo. Please help me find any available time in the next few weeks for my guests!

HomeyHawaii now has the Flexible Date Search option. It allows you to find any amount of available nights within a larger period of time with just a few mouse clicks.

To check it out, go to:
and click on Show Advanced Options link below the search form.

For Flexible Date Search, click on Show Advanced Option link below the form

The search form will expand. To use the Flexible Date Search option, enter the earliest possible arrival date and the latest possible departure date at the top of the form, then enter the minimum amount of nights you can stay, and click Search.

Are you lucky to have flexible vacation dates and are looking for best deals? Do you need a vacation as soon as possible during a busy season? Check out the Flexible Search on HomeyHawaii!

Flexible Date Search for Hawaii Vacation Rentals; useful for Flexible vacation dates

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