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Maui Dining, Eat Like a Local

Maui Dining, Eat Like a Local

Dining in Maui can be an adventure as there is definitely a little bit of everything for everyone who is visiting. There are always great restaurants located near the hotels and resorts, but when venturing a little further away from those areas there are some pretty awesome more casual places with food that is familiar but remixed with ingredients, dishes and cooking styles inspired by locals and the cultures of their families.  In this article we explore some favorite “local grinds” – Maui dining places, where you will find many of the island’s residents coming in for their daily top food picks.

Tin Roof – affordable takeout joint by a local celebrity chef

Tin Roof, a family owned and operated, fast-casual eatery with tons of flavor, filling portions, and daily changing specials is THE place to go when in search of local food, that will not break the bank.  Although there is very limited seating inside and outside, there is always a line out the door and people who are happily willing to wait. Decide on what you want before getting to the front of the line to not hold it. Here you will find rice and noodle bowls topped with mochiko chicken, poke or fish, mac salad, dry mein, pork belly, kimchi that is made in house, daily changing specials inspired by the chefs, and their famous mochiko chicken sandwich served on brioche donuts. The sauces and spices are pure Hawaii tastes. Come prepared to wait in line, but don’t overthink the simple menu, as it is all delicious!

Tin Roof Restaurant in Maui: photo of Pork Belly Bowl and other dishes

Maui Dining: Home Maid Bakery

Hawaii is famous for malasadas – Portuguese confections made of yeasted dough that is fried and rolled in granulated sugar. Home Maid Bakery is serving their Maui malasadas fresh from the fryer with every order, and they can be filled with the house made custard. Malasadas are great for sharing with friends, bringing to the beach or snacking in the car. They are warm, gooey, and not overly sweet.  A must of Maui dining experience when visiting the island.

Home Maid Bakery, Maui malasadas - Portugese confections

Thai Mee Up – could be the best Thai food you ever tasted

There are a few places where you’ll find Maui food truck gatherings, one of them is Kahului Food Truck Oasis at 591 Haleakala Hwy, across from Costco gasoline station. Thai Mee Up offers Thai food that is bursting with southeast asian flavors.  Tons of citrus, texture, sweet and salty flavors, pad thai, cornish game hens, crispy pork ribs and flavorful lamb chops.  There is plenty of community picnic table seating and a chance to visit some of the other Maui food trucks.  Picking a few items from the different trucks to share with a few friends is definitely the way to go and a great way to spend time before heading to the beach.

Thai Mee Up, Maui - Crispy Garlic Shrimp and other photos

Thai Mee Up has another location in Kula, which you can visit on your way to from Haleakala. It will be definitely worth a detour when you are around Paia or Makawao.

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

If you are looking for a quick cool down in the middle of a hot Maui day, shave ice is perfect.  Ululani’s has expanded to 6 locations in Maui: one in North Kihei, two on the West Shore, one in Kahului, one in Wailuku and one in Paia. This is a clear proof of their business success! Pick your ice cream, the size of your shaved ice, syrup flavors and toppings, then sit back and enjoy cooling down in the Maui breeze.  Ululani’s does not disappoint and the kids will love it too!

Ululani's in Maui - Shaved Ice

Maui Dining: Geste Shrimp Truck

Anyone who appreciates seafood will love Geste Shrimp Truck.  Geste Shrimp Truck located near the Kahului Harbor offers plates that come with rice, shell-on shrimp tossed in your choice of multiple sauces and crab mac salad. Their flavors include Spicy Pineapple, Hot & Spicy, and Lemon Pepper. Grab a shrimp plate and take a seat near the grass or back in the car and prepare for a flavor explosion.

Geste Shrimp Truck - Maui food truck serving great seafood

Tamura’s Fine Wine & Liquors

Lastly, Tamuras Fine Wine & Liquors is your one stop shop for the best beer, wine and spirits as well as some of the best poke in Maui.  Here you can get poke bowls which come with rice and seaweed salad, or buy different types of poke by the pound.  Choices of poke include ahi, hamachi, shrimp, tako (octopus), pipikaula (Hawaiian dried and cured beef), pickled garlic, king crab, scallops and much, much more. Tamura’s have three location in Maui – in Kihei, Lahaina and Kahului.

Tamura's Fine Wine & Liquors - large variety of best poke in Maui

If you a vegetarian or a vegan, you can find agreeable food choices at most restaurants in Hawaii. Local fruit and vegetable dishes are easy to find.

So next time you’re in Maui, visit some of the local favorite Maui dining places! Whether you are exploring Maui food truck scene, hunt the best poke in Maui, or satisfy your sweet tooth with Maui malasadas, you will meet great people and see some new parts of the island at the same time.

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