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Why Sign a Vacation Rental Agreement and How it Benefits Both Parties

Why Sign a Vacation Rental Agreement and How it Benefits Both Parties

You just got off your plane in Hawaii. You came all the way from Texas and have never been to this island paradise before. Now, you finally get the chance to experience Hawaii after saving up your vacation days from work and extra spending money each month. You scheduled tours, beach days, and even found some great vacation rental properties to serve as your home away from home during this dream vacation. This Hawaiian trip will surely be everything you could have ever dreamed of.

To make sure this dream trip will go as smoothly as you imagine, we advise you to iron out the details of your stay in the form of a signed vacation rental agreement. While we do our best to verify vacation property owners, the details of your stay can be more intricate than we are able to handle on our end. Having these issues detailed in the vacation rental agreement will clear the air of any misunderstandings and protect both parties in the transaction.

Whether it is check in/out dates and times or rules regarding use of the property, a vacation rental agreement will ensure that both parties understand what to expect during the guest’s stay and remedies in the unfortunate event that the terms are broken. It is wise to negotiate details and provide rules before the guests even enter the rental property.

Once a vacation rental agreement is signed, both the guest and the property owner can sleep a little easier at night knowing what should be expected during the term of the rental property use. In addition, if either party breaks the vacation rental agreement, both parties should have the option of some form of legal recourse.

In addition, it is best to not rely on email, phone or verbal conversations as a “pseudo vacation rental agreement”. Instead, a written vacation rental agreement that is approved by both parties and that keeps the interests of both sides in order is typically advised. The signed vacation rental agreement will help ensure that, as long as the details are included in it, both parties must abide by the terms or else risk punishment.

For instance, a vacation rental agreement can help govern the coverage of any damages that might be done to the property. It can also protect the guest from the owner in the case that the owner tries to call for an unfair eviction before the end of the vacation rental agreement term. It will also help to clarify and solidify any grey areas that might come up in case the rental relationship goes south.

The guest needs to make sure that the clearly written cancellation policy and refund clauses are included. In addition, it is in the guest’s best interest to purchase a travel insurance for vacation rentals so they can maximally recover their funds in case they had to cancel.

Protect Your Trip

From a property owner’s viewpoint, one of the most important things to include in a vacation rental agreement is liability protection. In addition, having a spot for the guest to initial each page and each house rule of the vacation rental agreement can serve as evidence that the guest did in fact review the entire agreement.

That being said, vacation rental agreements can be overwhelming to guests and property owners alike if they do not have prior experience or a legal background. We fully understand that many individuals do not deal with legal documents on a daily basis. For this reason, we have provided a Sample Vacation Rental Agreement for our users to consider when setting up rental arrangements with another party. While we must put users on notice that we are not lawyers, nor providing legal advice, our sample vacation rental agreement can provide them with a starting point to get the business part of the rental deal in order. This extra offering by our website allows users to focus more on the enjoying vacation ahead, rather than the stresses of a potential legal situation. Our sample vacation rental agreement reflects policies common for Hawaii vacation rentals.

Whether you are traveling and renting or opening your doors to those that are looking to rent, safety and quality of life is the top priority for both parties. As such, having a written and signed vacation rental agreement will ensure that both parties know exactly what is required of both of them.

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7 thoughts on “Why Sign a Vacation Rental Agreement and How it Benefits Both Parties

  1. That is a great point you made, how when a vacation rental agreement is signed that both the guest and owner can sleep easier at night. Can’t agree more!

  2. My wife and I are thinking about renting a vacation home during our next trip, so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about how a rental agreement can govern the coverage of any damages. I will definitely ensure our agreement goes over this so I know what we are liable for in case there are any accidents.

  3. I like your tip about getting a vacation rental agreement in writing. This is helpful because you can refer back to it if something goes wrong. I’ll have to consider your tips so that I can secure a good vacation rental.

  4. I like that you pointed out that we must be having a written policy in hand to understand the cancellation and refund process. This is important since things can happen unexpectedly, but I hope that we don’t cancel once we have booked since I wanted this trip to happen. This is for the celebration of my husband and I since it is our silver anniversary this year, so I hope there are no hindrances.

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