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Hawaii Vacation Rental Owner Resources

Hawaii Vacation Rental Owner Resources

Whether you already own and operate a vacation rental or you’ve decided to buy one, this article might have valuable owner resources for you to review and use.


5 Best Coffee Makers for Vacation Rentals
Maui – Photography Special
Maui – Larger Car for Less
$5 Solution to Shower Stains
Curtains – Dry Clean or Replace

5 Best Coffee Makers for Vacation Rentals

“A bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it.”
– A coffee lover

For most people coffee is an absolute necessity and for many it can even help forget unpleasant experiences. A great coffee maker can definitely get you better reviews of your property and this is golden nowadays!

Our selection of 5 Best Coffee Makers was written for vacation rental owners. And if your vacation rental is in Hawaii, it’s even more important to provide your guests with means to enjoy multiple local varieties of coffee.

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Maui – Photography Special

“I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.”
– Gilles Peress

What’s the most important piece of your vacation rental listing? We bet, most owners know – it’s the photos. Yet we still see many listings with older photos that show interiors last updated over 10 years ago. The good photos are not that expensive, and some staging before the photo session will pay off. So before your next stay in you vacation property, prepare in advance – plan some brushing up and schedule a session with a photographer.

A young lady on the bed taking photos
Photo by Yang Deng

On Maui, we recommend Dave Lower. For any Homey Hawaii listing, Dave will create a free slideshow video. Just say you come from Homey Hawaii and give Dave your listing #.

The cost of the photo session is usually $150-$200 for 30-40 photos. About 4 photos per bedroom, 6-7 for the living room, 5-6 for the kitchen, 7-10 lanai and views, etc.

Here are examples of Dave’s slideshow videos:

The produced slideshow video can be used in your Homey Hawaii listing, and you can also use it on your own website, Facebook groups, etc.

Contact information:
Dave Lower
text or call: 808-283-8362
email: info@mauigraphics.com

Dave is usually booked out 2-3 weeks in advance, so plan ahead of time. Professional photos are one of the best investments you can make. If done properly, it will increase your bookings. Make sure you communicate the best features of your property as well as create a checklist of things to pay attention to before the photo shoot.

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Maui – Larger Car for Less

“There’s a lot of stress… but once you get
in the car, all that goes out the window.”
– Dan Brown

If you haven’t yet heard of Manaloha Rent a Car, check out this article:
The Cheapest Maui Car Rental for a Larger Car

Manaloha Rent a Car Newer SUV

A spacious car is one of the most important Hawaii vacation rental owner resources as owners can avoid delivery costs on larger items. Manaloha’s older fleet of SUV’s is very reliable and affordable.

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$5 Solution to Shower Stains

“Cleaning and organizing is a practice not a project.”
– Meagan Francis

Guests might be most valuable owner resources if we pay attention. A guest recently suggested placing a squeegee in each shower, they even bought one and used during their month-long stay. We heeded the advice and found that some guests do use squeegees, especially if you mention the hard water in Hawaii and ask guests to use the squeegee in the property rules.

Hawaii vacation rental owner resources - a $5 squeegee in the shower

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Curtains – Dry Clean or Replace

“If plan A fails, remember there are 25 more letters.”
– Chris Guillebeau

Larger windows allow more light into the living spaces, and they look so nice in the photos! But custom-made curtains are very expensive, and dry cleaning for a larger curtain can easily run around over $100. And this if you do all surrounding work yourself – take it down, drive to the dry cleaners, then pick up and hang back. That can easily take a full day of your vacation!

But there are other solutions, and the one that worked the best for our condo was to order a custom-sized pinch pleated drapery panel from ChadMade. They have Customize button on each of their product pages. Just select the style, enter your window dimensions and the type of lining to get the quote. For under $200, we ordered a perfect beige panel with white backing that completely blocks the light.

Do you have a tip or two to share? We will be happy to post more owner resources here!

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