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Forever Florals Hawaiian Perfume – a Perfect Gift

Forever Florals Hawaiian Perfume – a Perfect Gift

Some of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers grow in Hawaii. About 90% of native Hawaiian flowering plants don’t grow anywhere else in the world. At any time of the year the air is filled with fragrance of some native flower in bloom, and this evokes more memories as we think about our sun-filled days spent in the state of Aloha. Many companies develop floral Hawaiian perfume products that are easy to take home. Today, I feature a line of products by Forever Florals. It is one of the brands of Trade West Inc. – a privately owned and operated company, based in Honolulu, Hawaii. All their Made in Hawaii perfumed products are locally manufactured.

I highly recommend buying from a local Hawaiian company to support local businesses. Whether a perfume, soap or shampoo, or a whole set of fragrant beauty products, it makes a perfect gift to yourself, your loved one, a family member or a friend.

Forever Florals Top Pick

My top pick is their Hawaiian Cologne set of 4 floral scents. Each bottle in the set is 0.25 oz and has a convenient rollerball applicator. Simply rub a small amount on pulse points (inside of wrist or behind ears) for lasting fragrance all through the day. Each set contains one of each Plumeria, Gardenia, Passion Pineapple, and Pikake solid perfumes. Made in Hawaii, it makes a terrific gift as a whole, or as four separate small souvenirs. Just put each of the four jars into its own colorful gift bag and voilà – you have four unique souvenirs for your colleagues from Hawaii!

For each of the 4 mentioned scents, I have created collections of Forever Florals beauty product together with some information on those Hawaiian blossoms. Enjoy!

Forever Florals Hawaiian Perfume: Plumeria

Forever Florals Hawaiian Perfume: Plumeria flowers
Plumeria flowers by Eric Tessmer

Forever Florals Plumeria Perfume

Plumeria trees are very easy to grow and plumeria flower is Hawaii`s most abundant bloom. The colors of the blossoms range from brilliant white to peach-orange to purplish fuchsia and the fragrance also varies. Plumeria leis are used to welcome guests and often greet the guests of Hawaiian Luaus. Be careful though of plumeria’s sap that can irritate the skin and the eyes. Another thing to know is that traditionally plumeria is considered a bad luck to sick people. Use this fragrance freely when in health, and pause if you get sick. But when being sick, its best to not use any fragrance anyway!

Forever Florals Hawaiian Perfume: Gardenia

Forever Florals Hawaiian Perfume: Flowers of Gardenia Brighamii and Gardenia Augusta
Flowers of Gardenia Brighamii and Gardenia Augusta by Forest and Kim Starr

Forever Florals Gardenia Perfume

The Hawaiian Gardenia (Gardenia Brighamii) is a tree up to 20 ft with white, fragrant flowers. Its Hawaiian name is na’u and it is an endemic species that only grows on the islands of Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, Oahu, and Lanai. More common Gardenia jasminoides also grows in Hawaii. The complex, haunting scent of gardenia is in the air from mid-spring to mid-summer. The flowers look amazing in corsages and hair, wedding bouquets, or floating in a bowl of water.

Forever Florals Hawaiian Perfume: Passion Pineapple

Forever Florals Hawaiian Perfume: Passion flower, lilikoi fruit
Passiflora Edulis flower by Malcolm Manners and Passiflora Edulis fruit by Forest and Kim Starr

Forever Florals Passion Pineapple Perfume

This exotic Floral Hawaiian Perfume is the result of pairing of Hawaiian passion fruit (Lilikoi) and its flower, highlighted by delightful notes of fresh island pineapple. A playful and fun mixture that radiates the island sunshine. When in Hawaii, its impossible to miss local pineapples, and the lilikoi syrup, locally made from the passion fruit, can be tasted all over the islands – from farmers markets to finest restaurants. My three most memorable lilikoi tasting experiences include an amazing Mai Tai with lilikoi froth in Wailea’s Monkeypod Kitchen (50% off during the happy hour!), lilikoi syrup at Hawi Farmers Market on the Big Island, and lilikoi cheesecake in the Tin Shack Bakery in Pahoa Town, right before embarking on Kalapana Lava Walk.

Forever Florals Hawaiian Perfume: Pikake

Forever Florals Hawaiian Perfume: Pikake flower
Pikake rose by Forest and Kim Starr and Pau Male (Madagascar jasmine) by Troy Mckaskle

Forever Florals Pikake Perfume

Pikake means peacock in Hawaiian. It is said that both peacocks and the tiny fragrant jasmine blossoms were abundant and cherished in the in the gardens of Princess Ka’iulani – the beloved Hawaiian crown princess. And this is how the flowers received their Hawaiian name – pikake. It is a flower of romance, used for special occasions and weddings, where the bride’s  leis are made of these sweet-smelling and fragile blooms. It can be viewed as an ambassador of all Hawaii perfumes. Another jasmine variation – Pua Male – is highly prized for leis and wedding bouquets, both the flowers and the tiny buds. They are sometimes called “marry flower”.

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