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Best Places to Work Remotely in Maui

Best Places to Work Remotely in Maui

Working remotely has become more rampant among workers, especially since the recent COVID-19 events. Many enterprises and businesses have learned to adapt and adopt the new method of employees working from home. A lot of people have now been presented with the opportunity to work from the most beautiful locations in the world.

Working remotely from inspiring locations helps unlock a whole new level of productivity, and you also get to explore while working. Here are some of the best places to work remotely in Maui.

Consider Time Difference

If you must be present at work at a certain time even when working remotely, remember that time-wise Hawaii falls behind most of the world. For example, the time in Hawaii is 2-3 hours earlier than the time in California: 2 hours earlier diring the Standard time and 3 hours earlier during the Daylight Savings time. Hawaii doesn’t observe Daylight Saving time. So if you need to “show up” online for your job at 9 am Pacific DST, it will be 6 am in Hawaii.

Stay and Work

Some hotels now offer packages of accommodations that include access to special and often fancy locations for working remotely. Successful companies are able to afford these accommodations for their workforce. But what about independent freelancers who travel solo or with a family? Vacation rentals may be your best bet. For less than the cost of a hotel room, you can rent a spacious condo in Maui with a kitchen, washer and dryer, high-speed Internet and a pool and hot tub on-site. This condo in The Palms at Wailea has it all – large living space, high ceilings, ocean views and a 400 Mbps wireless Internet connection. Two covered lanais are a rare bonus: your family might enjoy tea or games on one lanai while you work remotely on another one.

Maui Coffee Roasters

Maui Coffee Roasters stands out for remote working in Maui

If you are looking for a beautiful and affordable place to work remotely, Maui Coffee Roasters is a perfect option for you to stay sharp all day. Nothing could be better than having fresh coffee and food to keep you company while working. This vibrant art-filled cafe freshly roasts local Hawaiian and international varieties of coffees. They serve breakfast and lunch, baked goods, daily specials. They also sell many brewing accessories to take home or buy for gifts.

The fast and reliable internet connection, numerous electric outlets and clean restrooms make Maui Coffee Roasters stand out for remote working in Maui.

A perfect corner for working remotely.

Sip Me

Another place to work remotely in Maui is Sip Me – a cozy cafe in Makawao. This cafe is dedicated to crafting and serving organic coffee, loose leaf and hand-blended teas, smoothies and juices. Delicious pastries are freshly baked and include gluten-free and vegan options.

In case you are a traveler that wishes to work remotely from Maui, you will most probably require professional resume help to assist you in writing an exceptional remote resume that will help you land more remote jobs than expected. They highlight your career strength to increase your chances of landing a job. They pour years of experience, knowledge, and qualification into every resume written to make them more effective.

Lumeria Maui Educational Retreat

Lumeria Maui is an educational retreat center that provides a retreat setting focused on learning. Here you can work remotely while maintaining a balance between the job and your personal growth.

They organize classes and workshops in yoga, meditation, healing arts, horticulture, dance and movement therapies. These experiences can make working remotely a very enriching journey for you. Lumeria Maui also connects people with world-renowned teachers in surfing, farming, paddle boarding, climbing, equestrian, and much more.

Lumeria Maui boasts 24 elegant guest rooms that provide overnight accommodations for both individuals and groups that desire an retreat experience. Please note that the rooms don’t have air conditioners, just ceiling fans.

Lumeria’s on-site restaurant, The Wooden Crate, prepares daily farm-to-table meals with greens, fresh fish from Maui waters, and fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables from Maui local farms. They happily serve customers of various diets, from vegan to paleo and any other variety.

Maui Coffee Attic

This is another exquisite cafe with comfy couches, delicious food, strong coffee and good WiFi. Maui Coffee Attic is a neighborhood cafe in Wailuku, where you can work remotely all day. Even their outdoor patio has outlets! Check the schedule of their live music shows: most of them are free and you’ll get a break from work!

Land a Remote Job

If you are looking for a job that would allow you to work remotely from Maui, you might want to get professional resume help. Save your time and effort with a professional resume service. An effectively written resume will highlight your career strength and increase your chances of getting a job.

Maui is one of the best places on Earth to work remotely. Beautiful scenery, fun activities and friendly atmosphere makes it a top destination for remote workers and digital nomads.

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