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HomeyHawaii – List of Updates

HomeyHawaii – List of Updates

HomeyHawaii.com provides online  listing service and has a fast and powerful vacation rental booking management system, that is based on our own calendar.  Below is the list of recent updates to our listings and booking management system.

Listings: Featured Destination Added to Home Page

June 30, 2018

Kamaole Sands Resort has now a dedicated page. Group calendars for resorts with 10+ condos will have filters by [buildings]/condo types.

Listings: Icons for Video and Calendar + other updates

June 25, 2018

Icons for Video and Calendar were added into the header of the listings.

The Headline was replaced by Resort name + [building #] + condo #

The headline was moved to Description – as first bolded sentence.

Booking Management System: Fees Reorganized and Improved

June 7, 2018
HomeyHawaii Fee system was streamlined, fee names standardized and annotations added for every fee. Fees that owners collect before arrival were clearly separated from the fees that resorts or other entities collect upon arrival. This way owners can provide more accurate automatic quotes, and the quotes are more consistent and easier understood by travelers. A link to test your quotes is provided after the Save button on the Fees page.

The Ultimate Guide to Hawaii Vacation Rental Fees

The most difficult case is administrative fees (a.k.a. resort fee, booking fee, etc.) when they are variable (per night, per person, etc.). We recommend that owners don’t collect those fees, but always let the resort do it. This way those fees can be listed as On Arrival fees with accurate explanation in the comment.

Questions Asked by Owners

Q: My cleaning fee is $125, but I also pay 4.16% General Excise Tax on it ($5.20). There is no place to add this tax to the fee.
A: We chose to make the fee interface simpler on purpose and there is no added tax option for any of the fees. Just include your tax, and enter a total of $130.20 as your Cleaning fee. That’s what you pay to your cleaners anyway.

Q: I collect Security Deposit via credit card, and I would like it to be included in the grand total. In your quote, it is listed after the Total.  I’d prefer the total to include everything due.
A: We placed this specific charge outside of the Total, because (1) it’s refundable and it’s not really an expense in most cases; (2) some owners don’t collect it upfront. We recommend that all owners annotate how they collect the refundable security deposit in the comment field, which will be visible to the travelers.

Listings: Transition to High-Resolution Images

April 4, 2018
We have upgraded our system to handle large images and we made the uploading process much easier and faster than before. There are no limits on the image size, nor on the number of images to upload in one batch. To upload your larger and better images, login into your Owner account, and click on Photos link under the Property Listing heading.

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